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Pediatrics salary question

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Not a PA yet, but curious..

If you work in Peds, how much do you make? Or do you personally know someone who works in the specialty? Would love to know from actual people, instead of online surveys. They always say it's one of the lowest in the profession, which I believe. But I love kids, and it's ultimately what I wand to  do, but curious to see if there was any wiggle room such as if you work with kids in dermatology or orthopedics. 

Thank you!

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Gen peds is low paying without a doubt. Pediatric specialities pay more, though unlikely that pediatric derm will pay very well given there aren’t kids in the office for chemical peels and cosmetic procedures like filler and Botox. Ortho will likely pay you decently since it’s a surgical subspecialty.

I personally work in NICU and make a penny at 6yrs out of school with a base of $160k on the west coast in a level 4 unit. Moonlighting is offered at $1600/shift (though taxed like crazy) but have the potential to gross an extra $15-30k depending how much of a life you want outside of work. If you want money gen peds isn’t gonna pay but you have to consider if you wanna be happy or financially well off

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I've seen a few jobs advertised in ped. cards, ped. ED/UC,  but not in ped derm. There's a smaller pool of specialty jobs for kids just because kids don't need specialists as much as adults do. 

It's been said a million times on the forum here (because it's very true) that you may well change your mind about what you want to do once you get into clinical year. You might love kids but not be able to handle the chaos that is your average pediatric office. Once you figure out what you really want to do, the money is a secondary concern.  

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