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What is a good question to ask my interviewers?

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 Hello all, 

I have an interview next week and I can't think of a good question to ask. The admissions director has said that we should have questions ready for them,   Savannah Perry has recommended questions for the interview team also, but I can't think of any good ones.


This is what I have so far:

1.  What made you chose your specialty?

2.  What can applicants do to make themselves stand out for your school?

3. What qualities do you look for in PA students?


Please help. What is a good type of question that is geared towards the particular program I'm interviewing at?

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I think I asked “what do you love most about the PA profession?”

Make it a conversation, engage them with follow questions to what they’re saying in the moment.

I knew one of my interviewers was prior military so I went that route with him “where were you stationed?” Etc.

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I would recommend asking questions that help you understand the specific strengths, weaknesses, and culture of the program from an insiders perspective. Building rapport and showing interest in your interviewers is important, but I would not spend too much time on personal questions such as their specialty or background, especially if the interview is short. You're there to select a program, so make sure you get the information that you need to make that choice. Remember that it is a two way interview. Ask questions that you really want to know the answer to, and that will be helpful in choosing a school, not just what you think they want to hear. Also, don't be afraid to tactfully ask some difficult questions.

In my opinion, the interview is a poor time to ask things such as how an applicant can stand out. If you don't know that going into your interview, you're already not standing out (not in a positive way, anyhow). And I wouldn't ask what qualities they are looking for. All programs are looking for essentially the same things, so you will likely not get helpful information. Plus, if you got an interview, you already know what they were looking for (you!). Now is your chance to sell yourself in person and seal the deal.



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Agree with above. Your questions you ask the program should help you make a decision as to if that program is right for you. You can ask things like "what do you feel is the greatest strength of this program?" or "what is an area of the program that the faculty is currently trying to improve?" or "How would a recent alumni describe the program?"

Things like that give you valuable pieces of information that aid in deciding between schools if you have multiple acceptances.

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1)  Where do you see the profession being in 10 years were I to stay in-state?

2)  What do you feel makes YOUR program special in comparison to others?

3)  What are some, if any, challenges that you see with YOUR program?

This isn't a one way street.  You're screening them as well.  I also pointed out that with my pre-entrance experience and stable GPA within a few tenths of a point from high school through college I gave them an idea of what they could expect.  I may not be the hall-of-famer, though only time will tell; but I can assure you that I will be rock steady and not an embarrassment to the program.  There was nothing that they could show me anatomically that I couldn't handle having seen any number of traumatic death scenarios.

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