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options for online prerequisites

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Hello, I'm planning to re-take chemistry 2 before I apply to PA programs this spring. I graduated from Pitt last year and unfortunately received a C in the lecture portion. However, I did manage to get a B in the lab portion. That being said, I'd like to try again for a better grade so that I can bring my science course GPA to a 3.8, not to mention, lots of schools won't accept C's in prerequisite courses.

Has anyone taken any accredited online chem 2 courses, specifically that do not include the lab? I was trying to avoid having to take the lab over again.

Thank you,




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You may be able to find just the lecture portion--however, no specific school comes to mind.  Usually the labs are joined with the lecture portion.  I recognize this issue and I have had meetings with my administration and we are considering offering splitting the lecture and lab into separate courses.  

Here is the advice I recently gave a student who asked me a similar question.  Looking at your situation from another perspective...retaking the lab (which is "easy" points, so to speak) will help boost your grade for the course.  In the online chemistry and physics courses I teach, the lab component almost always boosts the overall grade for the student.  Also, the combined lecture+lab carries more credits that just the lecture only, so your GPA goes up more.  Nice!  

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