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Medical Technologist to PA

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Advice please! 

If you were in this situation what do you think the best option would be? 

Currently working as a medical technologist generalist since July (6 months now). Just moved down to part time which is 7 days every two weeks 3-1130pm

Got a volunteer position in pre/post op at a hospital nearby for 4 hours a week. 

Have shadowed and family practice PA for 48 hours and will begin to shadowing a surgical PA and internal medicine PA soon. 

Taking 3 courses this semester on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 340pm to 930pm. 

-I do have previous patient care experience as a patient transporter (contingent so not many hours) and volunteering. However the only PCE I will have currently will come from my volunteering and shadowing if schools allow it. (I’m only applying to schools that allow volunteer hours as PCE and have no min requirement). I will have over 2000 hours of HCE. 

I know with everything going on I will not be able to pick up another part time job. And I have the possibility of becoming a rehab aide, scribe or chiropractic assistant. 

In this situation would you..

Continue working as a med tech, volunteer, shadow and go to school and hope your experience being a med tech will bring diversity to the table to make you more competitive and give you valuable experience that may not be the usual


Quit the med tech job (have ~800 hours from it currently) and go for the scribe, rehab aide, chiropractic assistant or a job that will give me paid PCE while continuing to volunteer, go to school and shadow.   

Which experience is more valuable?

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all PA school interviewers want to know  what your knowledge of the PA profession is and for you to share stories of your experience. try to accumulate over 250 volunteer hours, PA schools take notice into what you do for your community so pick something you like being apart of and rack up a lot of hours- itll help you get noticed. your med tech experience makes you unique and your knowledge observations shadowing a PA will help you connect with your interviewers. good luck and let me know if you have any questions AMA.

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Keep the med tech job, you'll be grateful for the better pay in the long run (especially if you have to apply multiple cycles).

FWIW, patient transporter won't count as PCE (this is pretty universally true).  Curious what your volunteer hours are.

Stay course A.  Keep med tech.  Take classes ( you don't mention your GPA, I assume those classes are necessary for your application).  

Honestly if you're just trying to get PCE for your application, phlebotomy would be an easy thing to correlate to your current job (in my day learning to draw was part of our MT program).

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