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Some good some bad,

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Hi everyone,

Once upon a time I struggled with severe depression and anxiety. I dropped out of high school months before graduating but still got into university (Rutgers) because of my SAT scores and overall app. 

At Rutgers I went full on with my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. I love animals. So I began as a biology major and added on a health science major. Midway through my academic career after shadowing vets and doing a lot of personal growth and searching I realized I loved the idea of medicine but could not see myself working as a vet on a day to day. I went on to graduate with dual degrees in biology and health sciences.

Since then I’ve realized I would really love to be PA. Much of the lifestyle and day to day work suits my personality and passions. I’ve had fantastic experiences with my own PA providers as well.


 During under grad my overall GPA per my school was a 3.10. My overall science GPA per my school is a 3.05. But after using the CASPA calculator on a forum I found, both GPAs are infact in the 2.8 range. 

This background is to explain throughout my time in college I was not the best student. In high school I got by with common sense and last knowledge. I never learned formal studying until college and discipline did not become something I implemented until my junior and senior year of college. It’s not that I was applying myself and these are the grades I got. I was dealing with a lot at home. Lost my mom, my heart and soul just months after graduating and she had been sick for sometime prior. 

I’ve now been working as a clinical research assistant at a federal institution and have 2,000+ patient care hours expecting another 1,000-1,500 by the time I begin applying to schools this summer. The clinical trial I’m in is also a pretty ground breaking one. 

I have three SOLID people to write my letters of rec. I’m studying for the GRE. Will have about 60 hours of PA shadowing with 3 diff types of PAs. And 200 or so hours of volunteer work. 

With that being said, I know the GPA will be my biggest battle. I have read PA schools don’t care about your major, and to be honest this frustrated me a bit that they don’t atleast forgive slightly lower GPAs for majors that are science intensive. The only classes I ever got Cs in were upper level science for example. 

so anyway, this is all over the place but:


1) is taking 4-5 post Bach classes online through UNE or Doane a good idea? If I get A’s in all 4-5 it will bring both GPAs to a 3.0.


2) do schools really not favor or weigh heavier more science intensive degrees? 

3) without making excuses how can I reflect in my personal statement some of the unfortunate events that unfolded that did infact effect my overall college career. I don’t want to make excuses or be TMI. What was your experience with writing about your reasons and how you have overcome or plan to overcome for the future.


thank you! 

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Hi ! We have pretty similar stories and I am applying in April as well this year. Honestly, to combat a low gpa, our application needs to be more than outstanding. I would suggest to get more volunteer hours. I've heard that ppl with GPAs in the low 3s have on average 200ish volunteer hours and have shadowed the minimum 3 PAs. I'd say do more. Try to do double everything. If they want 1500 PCE, get 3k. Work on getting teaching and research experience as well. 

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