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Re-applicant - Any Suggestions/Advice?

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Hello Everyone,


Unfortunately, I was not accepted into any PA schools this past cycle. I applied to 7 schools, had an interview at one school and got waitlisted, waitlisted at 2 other schools, and denial from the rest. I have felt pretty discouraged, but know that this is what I want to do and feel like I can achieve it. I am looking for advice on what I should do from this point forward to improve this coming application cycle. I am thinking of retaking a developmental psych and microbiology since I got a C in both of them before. I am also working 24-36 hours a week as a nursing assistant at a hospital.

My Background:

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology

Science GPA - 3.20

Overall GPA - 3.61

GRE - Q:151, V:154, AW:4.5

I have been working as a nursing assistant for almost a year and have a little over 1300 hours of patient care experience and am still continuing to work there.

I have shadowed 3 different PA's and received a letter of rec from 2 of them.

What does everyone think? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I think that if you received interviews then your application on paper was good enough. Your application gets you an interview and your interview gets you an acceptance. I would brush up on your interview skills and try to apply more broadly. Your stat's aren't "below" average but they aren't extremely above average either regarding PCE. With that said, applying to 7 programs is relatively low given that your stats aren't spectacular. I would retake those 2 courses to try and see if you can bump up your science GPA but again, you received interviews so that may not make a huge difference on your app.  Do you have any volunteer experiences that you've held consistently? Schools like to see commitment to service and getting involved in the community. If not, try and get involved. Volunteering is required by some programs (not all) so that would give you more options when applying. 

Also, wait listed doesn't always mean rejected ! Gear up for another application cycle just in case but stay hopeful! Best of luck! 

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Thank you for the feedback! I have volunteering experience with many organizations and made sure to put it on my CASPA app. Think I will go ahead and retake those 2 courses, continue to get more PCE, revise my PS, and look more carefully at the schools to apply broadly at. Hopefully it will be enough to get in somewhere.

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