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PA School from Chemistry Major

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I recently became aware of the PA profession and finding it a possible better fit for my life goals, I've had to switch from pre-med to pre-PA. Because I was in pre-med, I ended up becoming a chemistry major and do not have upper-level biology courses such as microbiology, cell biology and genetics, although I have biochemistry, organic chemistry and other prerequisites complete. I plan on doing a post-bacc program, but was wondering what biology courses would be necessary. I've decided that I need to take Human Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology, but am unsure about Cell Biology and Genetics, if not having them is a deal breaker or if I would be fine with the 3 courses I currently plan on taking post-bacc, since I see a few programs that don't require higher level biology other than Microbiology. I plan on working as an EMT until applying+matriculation.

Thank you!

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