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LPN program during gap year?

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I am a sophomore currently at University at Buffalo. I will be taking a gap year or two to retake classes, volunteer and get more hands on experiences. My GPA is pretty low right now for PA school. The transition to college was very tough. I am showing an upward curve, improving from my freshman year but I still have lightyears to go. I am studying Neuroscience (BS) and Psychology (BA). I am struggling to find shadowing opportunities and ways to get hands on experience. During my gap year would it be a good Idea to do a 10 month LPN program. I was also thinking should I try to do a masters program in a science to strengthen my GPA and show I can handle upper level course work ?


Thanks in advance !

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Many PA programs typically do not count hours earned as part of a degree/certificate program (i.e hours for your LPN program wouldn't count for HCE or PCE).  If you did the program with the intention of THEN working as an LPN, the hours actually working in a paid position would count and that would be just fine.

You're only a sophomore, try and improve your GPA and decide about classes/masters later.

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