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Masters prior to PA school...

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Hey all, 

Been reading a lot about applicants who have taken a biology/health-science/etc. masters program in an effort to improve their GPA or to "show" PA schools that they can handle tough, upper level coursework. I was wondering what you'd consider the "cut-off" to be for when you should or should not pursue a masters? Anything less than 3.7? 3.6? 3.5? 3.4? 

Quite frankly I've been considering this myself (I'd be happy to provide my stats). I know a lot of factors obviously go into a decision like this (trends, cGPA, sGPA, pre-reqGPA, HCE, shadowing, the application as a whole, etc.), but just kinda wondering what peoples inclinations are on this. 


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I got into PA school with a little less than a 3.7 cgpa with only an undergrad if that helps. I made up for it with my experience I think.

i feel anything less than a 3.5 I would have done something drastic like a masters.

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