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Recommended books?

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I was recently accepted into a PA program (yay)! However, it doesn't start until September 2020 and I am antsy to get going. Does anyone have any recommendations of good books you liked that helped you prepare for PA school? Could be academic, lifestyle, organization for grad school, etc. 

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Here are my book suggestions:

1. Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown

2. A good ol' A&P book (Stick to gross A&P. Don't go too in-depth. When you start, you'll dig deeper)

3. PANCE Prep Pearls by Dwayne A. Williams aka “The Bible” (Basically a book of supurlatives/high-yield-notes for a lot of "stuff"  you'll learn in PA school. Keep in mind, for every line in this book there are 10 lines of background info that will be taught to you, by your faculty, when you start. But if you want a general idea of what to expect this is a good resource. Also, keep in mind that this book is designed for the PANCE not your program's systems/module exams)


# 1 is the only one I highly suggest reading prior to starting. The other two are not necessary but won't hurt if you glance over them on your free time. Since you're 9 months from starting I recommend working (if you already are) and saving up money. One month prior, just relax and enjoy yourself, family, and friends. Congrats on getting in.


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