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New Grad Job Advice?

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I am about 1/2 way through my clinical year and graduation/job search is approaching quick. I have always heard the advice that you should choose something more general for your first position and sub-specialize later if you want. However, I am really enjoying a rotation in a fairly niche sub-specialty (Gyn Onc Surg) and there's the possibility for a job in said specialty. Would choosing something specialized really be a hindrance on my career down the road? 

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Agree with all of the above statements.

My advice would be to entertain the possible job opportunity but let them know that you're still finishing your clinical year so you'll check in closer to graduation. You never know what might happen on your other rotations. If you're REALLY interested then go for it. If it's a great environment to foster your learning as a new grad, then definitely go for it. 

I went into Ortho trauma surg at a Level 1 right out of school. I signed the contract on my second-to-last rotation and ended up staying for 5 years. It was a great first job, I loved it, and I learned a lot about being a provider, my practice style, independent learning, sick pts without having to primarily manage them like intensivists/CC/gen trauma do, etc. I just switched to CT surg, which was always an interest of mine. My previous practice changed a little, and I figured if any time's the time to switch, it's now before I get too far out. Of course I had to freshen up on my meds, critical care, stethoscope, etc, which I did on my own with the help of lecture notes and UTD. I think the key to switching fields is finding a setup that will help foster that transition. My practice now is very laid-back (rare for CTS) and very open to training. 

Good luck!

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