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Anyone ever serve in the US Coast Guard as a PA?

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A couple weeks ago our program set up a brown-bag lunch with a Coast Guard Recruiter. They obviously did not offer as many monetary benefits as the other services (DOD funding vs DHS funding) but I was impressed by the work life balance of a PA in the Coast Guard that was described to us by the medical recruiter. Below is a brief summary of topics that interested me:

  1. 10-15 pts/day with each allotted 30 min slots (not uncommon based on my experience working with PAs in the Army)
  2. Ability to easily refer out to civilian providers (I was in the Army and I never heard of this. When I was in one of our guys ruptured his Achilles and we flew him to Hawaii because that was the location of the nearest Army surgeon that could fix him) 
  3. Family priority: I know family is a high priority for all services, but the recruiter told us that the Coast Guard at times will move their service members based on their family's needs. He used himself as an example. His kid had cancer and the Coast Guard moved him and his entire family to Houston so that they can be near a hospital system (Texas Children's) that can help.
  4. Small or Big they have bases everywhere along the East/West/Gulf coast and in every major port city
  5. PAs are always asked to go to Antarctica (I've always wanted to go)
  6. PAs can be on Search and Rescue crews

Anyone else serve in the Coast Guard and care to chime in and share their experience? Any info will be much appreciated.

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18 hours ago, richimon20 said:

Is this as a full time coast guard PA ? I assume. Do they have Coast guard reserve ?

Yes. He was Active Duty. Don’t know if there are coast guard reserve PAs. 

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I came across a few and even expressed my interest in becoming a PA while attending Boot Camp, but haven't looked into any PA opportunities they offer. 

I understand that their program is worth looking into based on my brief conversations and you would be going into the USCG as an Officer (which in itself gives room for more flexibility). Here is a web page, hopefully that will better assist you https://www.gocoastguard.com/active-duty-careers/officer-opportunities/programs/direct-commission-physician-assistant-dcpa

Additionally, I am not sure if you've explored the USPHS, but they also recruit for the Coast Guard as well. Definitely explore your options!

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I am an Army PA and have done humanitarian and Combat missions. I am going back into the Coast Guard now for a change and to complete my Military Reserve Career. As a PA, its so rewarding serving in the US Military. 

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