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Starting a new clinic in Wisconsin

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Hello all,

I have been putting in a lot of thought about starting my own clinic but I don’t where to start? I live in WI and I don’t know if a PA can be the sole owner of a clinic? I know I have to have a collaborative doctor but does this person have to own part of my clinic in order for my clinic to be legal? 
Does anyone know if a PA can own their business in WI? Anyone know of any medical business lawyers they can pass their names over?

 What would be the next steps?

are their any books or resources available on this topic? 

I would appreciate any help or feedback 

Thank you ! 

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First step is to check out WI MED chapter 8.  You can email us at WAPA too and ask the question.

You cannot be self employed.  The CARES bill currently in the senate and assembly committees will allow PA ownership of their own clinic if it passes.  We do not know yet when (or if) we will get a hearing.

The current law is nebulous on you owning your own clinic as the last I remember you must have someone else as owner or must have a physician partner.  

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