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New Grad Urgent Care Offer

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I will graduate in December, and I've just been offered an Urgent Care position in a busy UC clinic in the Midwest. The clinic is based in a growing metro area and after one year I will be expected to see 25+ patients daily. The clinic is comprised primarily of PAs and NPs with at least one physician staffed at each clinic location. 4 to 6 month training period depending on comfort level. 

  • 0.9 FTE at 50/hr
  • 3, 12 hour shifts/week and working every 4th weekend.
  • 1.5x OT differential 
  • 401k but not matched until one year of service. After one year, employer will contribute 50% of each dollar up to 2% of annual pay. Match is then 100% vested at that time
  • 26 days PTO, unsure about rolling over into the following year
  • $2500/yr for CME. Employer covers DEA/licensing
  • $3500 moving allowance
  • Good health insurance with dental and vision
  • Malpractice with tail
  • 2 year noncompete at any other urgent care within 5 miles of "home" location (there is opportunity outside a 5 mile radius, so I'm not terribly concerned with this)
  • Xray, lab on site 
  • No production bonus

Does this look like a solid offer? I would like there to be a productivity bonus, but its not a deal-breaker. I want to ask for 1.0 FTE for the extra assistance in paying back student loans also. Would it be unreasonable to ask for a sign on bonus as well?

Thank you in advance!

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Good offer, but not having 401k for the first year kind of sucks, but whatever and even after that it's only 2%. See if you can try to get that to 3%. I am not sure if they would give you a sign on bonus, but here is how you can compensate. Ask them to remove the relocation assistance if you don't need it and replace it with a higher base salary ($55/hr). This way your base salary is about 9k higher and you can get a higher OT rate as well.

25+ patients is a lot for a new grad. How soon are you suppose to see that many patients? If after 6 months, that should be fine. It is nice they have other providers at the location for help. Clarify this and make sure they are big on teaching.

Good luck!

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