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M.S in Biology or Psychology vs M.P.H before PA school

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I appreciate those who take their time out to respond and thank you for all the valuable advise you give to me. 

I have just graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry with a GPA lower than a 3.0. This was due to an unfortunate family event that happened during my junior year and had an effect on parts of my senior year. I wasn't able to cope well and obtained academic probation for one semester. This was a very difficult time to not be able to attend school, but also a valuable time to self-reflect first before I could redirect my full attention to school again.  I have 200 hours of shadowing and 100 of hours of volunteer. I've worked as a pharmacy technician for 3 years and 2500 hours of clinical experience.  An admission staff of the PA program I was interested said I'm a very weak applicant due to my low GPA and retaking of many courses. I was wondering whether obtaining a M.S in Psychology or Biology would help them recognize my improvement in science competency? Or would an M.P.H be a better choice to learn more about the health system and the overall community? 

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M.S. in Bio looks better for PA school IMO but M.S. Psych will not look bad at all. I guess stick to a program that you are confident you can get a 4.0. Also try and retake any sciences where you received lower than a "B". Programs like to see positive trends in your last 60 credit hours. If you can find opportunities to take a Pathophysiology and Pharmacology course take those too. Also work on LORs and your personal statement. Best of luck.

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