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Working in telemedicine while living abroad

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Hey gang,

Have you heard of anyone working for a US based telemedicine company while living abroad?  Are there restrictions against this happening?  

 I understand that many don't like the idea of telemedicine and don't disagree, although in my practice realistically speaking the history is by far a bigger determinant of what I do for patients than my physical exam.  Regardless, the point of this thread is not to devolve into another discussion on the merits of telemedicine.... for better or worse, its is a growing phenomenon and not likely to go away.  I'd like this topic to be specifically geared towards those of us who are looking at all of the options for working as a PA while living abroad.  I know there are options of working in person but from what I've read it is very specific circumstances and hard to come by.  We are looking to live in rural communities abroad that surely won't have traditional PA jobs, and telemedicine seems like the best approach to me, but I'm curious if its even possible.  

I appreciate any experience you all have in this!  


ps I'll crosspost to international section too, but I know this section gets many more views 

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The issues I see with this could be:

* Which country counts this as income? Both?

* How are you going to manage IT infrastructure?  Many places outside the US people would actually want to live and work have some limited network bandwidth.

* I suppose it could be possible that a jurisdiction require a provider to reside in the United States, but I know of no such requirement.  Licensure in the state in which the patient lives would be a given, of course.

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