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Anyone have experience with Butler University?

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long story short: does anyone have experience either in the masters program, but preferably the DMS program, at Butler? Place looks pretty legit, but I know nothing about them.

About to hit submit on some doctoral applications and was looking further into Butler. I like it because it’s more clinical like LMU, but it does have a residency component, which I don’t want to do post residency anyways, and has some more administrative classes like Lynchburg. 

Problem is I can’t find anyone who has attended or more inside knowledge of the program. To their credit, they are very responsive with questions, but I’m afraid to get to the nitty gritty as I’m afraid those questions might sound like me being negative about their program.

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No idea...but I have received 4 emails in the last 2 weeks about the doctorate program...if I didn't still have student loans I would probably be chomping at the bit more, but I don't relish the idea of adding another $40-$50k of debt on top of my current loans - especially as I would not expect any bump in pay.  But, I do plan to discuss with my employer in 1-2 years about them possibly covering or a potential pay bump as a result.

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I don’t have any first hand experience with them other than I did apply for a job teaching for the DMSc program and they where very professional with me even though they had already technically filled it. 


On the other hand Lynchburg is a solid choice and in my opinion for at least the next few years will be the program other DMSc programs are compared too... better or worse. 


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10 minutes ago, MegDPAC said:

Hi LT_Oneal_PAC

I have seen some of your posts about LMU vs Butler and I understand you started Butler. I was wondering if you ever ended up speaking to previous students of LMU vs Butler? 

Thank you,

Meghan, PA-C

I did. The main thing it came down to was flexibility. You had to be in front of computer every Sunday night with LMU, and I work every other Sunday night as solo provider and could not guarantee that I wouldn’t be disturbed by patients. So LMU was a no go. Butler is very flexible, so that’s who I went with. Also, I felt LMUs clinical preceptorship portion would be redundant for me after residency.  LMU is probably a much better clinical doctorate though.

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