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Dismissed from a PA program

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I was looking at the other comments in this forum to see what someone should do when dismissed from a program. Similar to the other people who have been dismissed it was for academic reasons. Personally I failed an exam and that brought my GPA lower than necessary to continue and was subsequently dismissed. I spoke with my program and being a new program they do not offer a deceleration or academic probation. Also I am unable to appeal the decision because it was grade related and I never claimed any medical issue nor did I have a learning disability. I have since retaken Pathophysiology, the course I failed, and passed just fine. I have also gone back and am currently taking courses to strengthen my A&P and genetics to allow me to apply for more schools. I did put my hat in the ring this cycle in hopes to get into one of the programs I was awarded a interview at last cycle and have yet to hear back from either school. I still feel this is what I am meant to do I enjoy the patient interaction and want to be apart of the patient care other than just imaging people. So to wrap it up I have yet to read a comment from someone who was dismissed and got back in. Is it possible? I am a realistic person and feel that if it isn't possible I can find different avenues to go down but I would like to see if anyone has heard or seen it happen. If I don't get in this cycle I will re-apply next cycle and go from there. Just wanted to see what the internet thought about it. Thanks for your time. And I will post on here if I heard back so that if anyone else is in this situation there will be a clear cut answer. 


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Yes its possible, but extremely difficult. You will have a giant red flag on your record and need to address how you will remedy the problems that got you dismissed the first time.

A student from my class was dismissed for poor academic performance and they also had a poorly managed health condition. This student re-applied to other schools while waiting to hear about the appeals. They emailed program directors of schools they applied to and asked if they would be considered. Got lots of No's but at least didn't have to waste money on those apps. They got a couple interviews and eventually pulled from the waitlist at a newer program. I think their key to success was really showing how they fixed their issues that caused dismissal in the first place.


The fact you re-took the course and passed shows a lot. At this point it's late in the cycle, but for next cycle get a fresh personal statement, new recommendations, and do something interesting in your off time like volunteer, mission trips, etc. Be humble, and keep trying and you might be lucky enough to get a second shot.

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Update 2020 the year of COVID

Just in case anyone is paying attention or is reading this because they were recently dismissed from a program. After being dismissed I went back and took Pathophysiology the course I failed and earned a 4.0. Then I continued to strengthen my application by retaking anatomy and physiology 1+2, Genetics, and Biochemistry. These classes I had previously failed to take and had applied to schools with the bare minimum. To further strengthen my knowledge I took a General Pharmacology class and well as a nutrition class, both of which are not required by schools but would prove useful if going the NP route. In the last application cycle, I was only wait-listed once at Chatham University and denied by several including the school I was previously enrolled at. Which makes sense I had only posted 1 grade since my failure. I am entering this new cycle, aka hunger games, with a higher GPA and more community service, before COVID19 hit, and more patient experience at different hospitals. I continued to shadow PAs where I was allowed and re-wrote my PA statement to reflect my failure. Overall I am optimistic about my chances of being accepted into a program this year, my main sights are on Chatham University and any program that will give Veteran's preference. So far, this application cycle 2020, I have been offered two interviews and will continue to update my progress on here.  Also to those who may have failed and are reflecting on that failure, just remember that through failure comes growth and experience. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor. 

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I have been accepted into a Direct Entry MSN program and most NP programs I will need to have at least 6 months of ICU experience before I can apply. But after last years cycle I decided that it would be beneficial to have a backup plan. Also I just finished my first interview and I felt it went well but I understand that it will be a long shot if I get into a PA program again. 

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Second update:

Currently waitlisted on four different programs to include: Marshall, Saint Francis, Shenandoah, and Chatham. The original program I was enrolled in has yet to interview me for this cycle and in talking with people I know still in the program it may not happen this year. Again my plans are to still attend the Direct Entry MSN program in Wisconsin, Alverno, for those that have asked. Good luck to anyone going through the same situation. 

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On 7/23/2020 at 5:48 PM, ventana said:

Honestly.   Apply to a direct access np program. 

way easier but you MUST do a fellowship as the education simply is not enough.   But after a fellowship you will be fine.  

For anyone else seeking answers related to this topic, I second what Ventana said. OR consider BSN/RN. Honestly. If you enjoy the patient interaction the most and not so much the imaging/diagnostics/etc. then consider RN as well. They can make good money.

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