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Kaplan/Rosh/Exam master/pa easy Q banks

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Hi everyone,


I'm taking the pance a second time because the first time I didn't pass by just a few marks. My main issue is choosing the right answer between two choices. So now I am going to practice questions all the time and only look at books, videos if I am really lacking in a subject. I have two months of studying ahead of me and I have access to the following: Kaplan/Rosh/Exam master/ pa easy question banks. But they will all expire soon or I will use up all the questions since I plan on doing questions daily, if I bought Kaplan or Rosh again next month (it's a one month subscription) will the questions be the same? If so, it would be a waste of money and I wouldn't want to do that. 

my study plan this time is just do questions daily, imitate test conditions and just review the topics I scored poorly in 

Any guidance on buying question banks for the next month and if the questions are any different will answer my question. thanks! 

-any advice on how to study musculoskeletal? that is always my weakest area. 

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Rosh adds questions here and there continuously. They will largely be the same, but I would encourage you to do it anyways. Good luck. 

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