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PhD vs. DMSc

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About to start a PhD Program but nervous and overall not that excited about the significant research component.  My end career goals involve clinical education and administration.  Is anyone post PhD or DMSc but was considering one of the two prior to enrollment?  I'm curious about the specific career aspects of the DMSc and if you felt the PhD would have been more helpful.

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If you have the choice, do the PhD.  In Academia, it is THE degree - All of the professional doctoral degrees carry some degree of degree creep whereas the PhD in any field is just that -  a research based doctorate showing you possess the skills and attributes necessary to achieve the highest academic degree.


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I looked heavily at both but at the end of the day the time commitment and money is what sold me on the DMSc. I would agree if you are strictly concerned with academics the PHD is the “gold standard” option.  I had no problem getting a faculty job with a DMSc but did have several senior faculty members question if students should call me Dr.  ... that had to be straightened out real quick. 

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17 minutes ago, EMEDPA said:

I think in academics PhD>DHSc>DMSc at this point due to several factors, including academic rigor and duration of training.

Agreed, I think when it would become a big factor would be if you had a PhD, DHSc, and/ or a DMSc applying for the same position. I’d assume could also affect faculty rank. 

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