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Failed out of PA school

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This happened to a member of my PA school class.  He was allowed to return to the following year's class.  However, the family demands that kept him from having sufficient study time hadn't improved so he ultimately withdrew a second time and decided to seek another career path.  So, I'd: 1) ask your school if they will let you return, 2) determine what the reason why you couldn't get the grades you needed.  Unless you can fix that reason, I wouldn't spend the time and money to go through things a 2nd time.

If the PA path won't work for you, I'd take some time to decide what you want to do.  Think of it as what is the NEXT career you want, NOT as how you will spend the rest of your life.  For example, PA is my 3rd career.  The most important thing I can recommend is spending some time with people who are actually doing whatever job you're thinking about so you can see if that life is really for you.

Sorry that this has happened to you.  Please take the time to carefully plan what comes next rather than rushing into something.

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