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I am a PA located in Los Angeles, CA with a little over a year of outpatient primary care experience. I'm looking into transitioning out of primary care and into hospital medicine. I was offered an opportunity to join an internal medicine/nephrology group and start with hospital rounding 2 weekends/month covering 2-3 hospitals (average 10-20 patients). The pay would be $15 per Follow Up Visit and $25 per New Patient Consult or H & P.   Is this fair pay for a PA with my experience/background?  I currently get paid a base salary of 100K working 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, average 3 patients/hour. Inpatient medicine will be new for me. They offer training and physician supervision. Any insight appreciated. Thank you!

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If you figure in the time to see the patient (who you won't know), write the note, travel between the hospitals...unless you are incredibly efficient I'm pretty sure you'll be getting shafted on this deal. 

I guess if you are simply doing follow up stuff it could potentially not be that bad, complexity of patient will play a big role.

Any benefits? Other big questions would be what's the distance between the facilities? If you're spending 10hrs a day bouncing around hospitals, researching the patients, researching your recommendations and then writing the notes, even if you split the load between 10 new consults (lengthier) and 10 follow ups you're looking at maybe $40/hr.

Your current gig sounds pretty decent, if this is a way to get a foot in the door then maybe?

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