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what to consider?

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I want to make sure the school I choose to attend is the best fit for me.

What components did you consider when deciding on a program to attend? What components do you wish you had considered in the decision process?

Common factors that come to my mind are:

  1. program location
  2. cost
  3. accreditation status

I am curious about other not-so-common components, particularly those that one would only know of with the help of hindsight. 

For example, program culture is a factor that was recently brought to my attention that I had not previously considered. Any thoughts?




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Everyone will have a different take on this, as it's very subjective. For me, considering the faculty and how well I jived with them was very important. Class size was also something I paid attention to. Consider the school's connections with surrounding rotation sites and see if they have quality rotations for the students. Consider resources for students including on-campus counseling, cadaver labs, etc. 

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Guest HanSolo

Program start date and end date. You'll graduate somewhere between 6-18 months sooner than the vast majority of people from your application cycle by selecting a program with a January start date. 

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