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To all PA Students in PAs For Tomorrow (PAFT)

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Hi everyone,

This Sunday, elections for PAs for Tomorrow’s Student Director-at-Large opens up, and I am asking for your support in the election.

Below I pasted my position statement. Please take a moment to read it.

Thank you so much!

“To my fellow PAFT Student Members,

My name is Brandon Hughey, and I am a 2nd Year PA student running for the position of Student Director-at-Large (SDAL). Throughout the past year, I have been heavily involved in PAFT, and I would like to further my involvement by becoming a SDAL for the organization. 

I feel that I have proven my commitment to PAFT during this past year. In May, I was the only PA student to attend the PAFT annual membership meeting at AAPA 2019. There, I had the chance to meet other members and the current board members. Since then, I have been in close contact with the board members and am constantly sharing ideas to increase PAFT student membership and involvement. With this, I have posted two different blogs on PAFT’s website, one on PA student leadership, and the other on how PA students can get involved in their state organizations. Because of my commitment to PAFT, I have recently been recruited to join the membership and social media committees. In those positions, I hope to increase student membership and involvement in the organization, whether I am chosen as the SDAL or not. 

There are many reasons why I would like to run for this position. Firstly, my values are in-line with PAFTs statements on the title change, OTP, and PA practice laws. As the SDAL, I would get the opportunity to work alongside other board members in promoting these values. Next, I have many goals that I would like to accomplish as the SDAL. First and foremost, I would like to increase PAFT student membership and participation. Now is a vital time in the PA profession, so it is important that students get involved in PA advocacy, and that includes getting involved in PAFT. Next, I would like to make it easier for student members to connect with each other. I hope to do this by either creating a PAFT GroupMe chat where PAFT PA students can constantly communicate with each other, or by creating a PAFT Student Facebook page or subgroup. With this, I hope to make it easier for PAFT students to connect at conferences, especially at AAPA 2020. Lastly, I would like to create more ways that PA students can get involved in PAFT. Some ideas that I have for this include starting a student affairs committee, developing PAFT chapters at universities, or hosting regular conference calls specifically for students. 
Here are some of my experiences that I believe qualifies me for this position. Firstly, I serve as the Director of PA Relations for the Community Care Clinics, one of the largest free medical clinics in the nation. In this position, I represent the PA profession among a large, interprofessional board of directors and am responsible for increasing PA student participation at the clinic. Next, I am active in my state organization, and currently serve on the communications and student affairs committees. In these committees, I aim to increase student membership and participation in the state organization. Lastly, I serve on the executive board of the J.D. Michaels Physician Assistant Student Society at the University of Toledo. In that position, I’ve been working hard to increase participation of the student society in AAPA and the state organization. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my position statement. I hope to gain your support during PAFT’s Student Director-at-Large elections.”

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