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Ryanne Coulson 6 month live coaching course

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Has anyone ever taken the prep course offered by Ryanne Coulson from the Be A PA site? 

I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from her online blogs and newsletter. I think that taking her course could really boost the chances of being accepted, and as a first time applicant that means a lot. However, it would be an extra expense when I am already pressed for application fees. 

Has anyone here ever taken it before that would recommend it? I’d love any reviews or tips you guys could recommend, thank you!


If it helps to know at all, I am a little worried about my stats not getting me an interview. My undergrad GPA wasn’t great at ~3.0 and I only have 1500 hrs of PCE and a little over a 100 hrs each for shadowing and volunteering. I’m disappointed in my 306 GRE score also. 

I need all of the help I can get!

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