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How to negotiate a raise?

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I just hit the one year mark at my first job. The clinic I work at is owned by three physicians that I do not work with directly. A few days ago I asked one of the owners about whether I will have a yearly review. He stated that that is not something they typically do, but that he would speak to the other two owners. I have not heard anything since then. What I am really looking for is a raise. Any advice on when I should reach out to the owners again and how I should go about asking for a raise?

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All for a meeting whole you negotiated your original contract with. Tell them you want a raise and give a dollar amount. You need to have 2 #s in mind. The one you want, and the one you will settle for if they want to negotiate. It's better if you have some calling reasons why you deserve the raise, the most powerful being how much $$$ you brought into the practice last year, last quarter, or whatever. Maybe come armed with some statistics from the salary report.


If asking for a COL increase it shouldn't be a big deal. But if you are hitting them hard they might call your bluff and you need an exit strategy. My most recent employer denied me a substantial raise even though I was bringing in huge profits. They countered with an insultingly low offer with stipukations attached. Fortunately I had planned for this and was able to walk out with a new job within 2 months, paying me what I'm worth.

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