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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable school that offers organic chemistry lectures online. I didn't complete the whole series and a school I'm interested in requires a year with optional lab. There are a lot of online programs out there but it's not clear which ones are legitimate. If anyone has a good experience with this, please respond! And if anyone needs any other missing pre-requisite classes online and is looking for a good resource, feel free to post here too!

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During the summer, I completed Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 1021) through UNE (University of New England). I did the lecture/lab combination, however, I have seen people take them separately. 

The course is 100% online. The tests are online as well (proctored through ProctorU). I highly recommend this course because it is self paced over 16 weeks. The online lectures are sub-par in my opinion but I found videos on Youtube very helpful. 

UNE is a very common place to take pre-reqs. I have also seen people take some from Doane University. 



Overall, I recommend at lease OCHEM 2. I am not sure about OCHEM 1... I completed the lecture and lab within 5 weeks and finished with a B- in lecture and a B in the lab. (Which isn't that bad considering this was my first attempt. I would probably take OCHEM 1 through them as well if I need my GPA raised [I had a C in the lecture at my university])

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