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Selling full ROSH access, 7 EORs, Mock PANCE, 3 Blocks, 14 mini tests, expire 12/31/2019

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Selling full ROSH access - updated 2019 NCCPA Blueprint, expires 12/31/2019,            $100

Full Rosh plus all 7 EORs, Mock Pance test, 3 supplemental blocks, and 14 mini tests


**Updated 2019 NCCPA Blueprint**

3,000 NCCPA-formatted questions and explanations

3,000 One Step Further questions and answers

Mock PANCE exam 259 questions

3 block question supplemental exams (50 questions each)

14 focused mini tests

All 7 Rotation Exams 

Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Women's Health, Pediatrics, Psychiatry

Each Rotation Exam includes 120 questions and comprehensive explanations

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    • By Kay7
      Is anyone selling their Rosh Review? Looking to buy.
    • By mjsmiles09
      Update: Sold
      I have Rosh Review access for sale. The access expires Aug 23, 2019. My asking price is $110 or best offer. The questions and explanations were a great representation of the PANCE. If you have any questions, pm me. 
    • By KMorg
      This is the link to my posting on EBay. Shoot me a message to let me know that you accessed the post from this forum and I’ll give you a discount. 
    • By hhbu2019
      Anyone wants to sell their rosh review subcription, plz reply or PM me.
      It only has to be good until the end of may this year.
    • By jathas
      PANCE Tutor
      I am an online tutor for the PANCE. I'm a retired M.D., retired since 2002, with 22 years teaching PA's, medical interns and Med. students. As far as I know, I'm the only live online PA Tutor in the country! I have been successfully tutoring matriculating PA students and PANCE/PANRE candidates from California to New York for 8 years. I really enjoy teaching......and I really believe in and I am a strong advocate for PAs.
      I tutor only PA students, and I am fully committed to the PA profession because I believe in it. I had a great working relationship with PAs in my practice for many years, and found PAs to be so Far Superior to the other 'similar' providers (I think you know whom I mean - lol).
      Pass rates since 2010 for our 68 students using us are 99% for first time takers and 93% for students having failed 1-4 times. 
      Anyhow, If you need some help I am here and available as time allows.
      Feel free to call me at 617-816-8467 for advice, or with questions - and visit our website at Precipio Learning.
      You People Are the Future of Medicine.....
      Dr. John
      Precipio Learning LLC
      Since 2010
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