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Retake pre-reqs to improve GPA? RN-PA

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Hello all, 

I’m an RN who is considering going the PA route. For me, the PA curriculum is more clinically robust than for NP school. I started an NP program and realize I would be woefully unprepared. 

My stats are as follows: my first bachelors (non-science/medical) GPA: 3.2. My associates in nursing GPA 3.5,. My BSN was 3.2 and my incomplete MSN GPA was 3.4. I feel like this doesn’t make me competitive. 

I have a few prerequisites to take. But I wondered if I should retake some of them or take additional ones to boost my GPA. Any advice on how to make my application more attractive would be awesome. Thanks! 


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You'll need to calculate your cumulative and science GPAs in order to really assess your competitiveness. Unless you have science grades, specifically common pre-reqs (bio, chem, etc.) less than a C, I would go for higher level classes like Ochem, immunology, genetics, and biochem. Those courses give you extra consideration at schools that don't require them and will open up your options as far as schools you can apply to. This is my 3rd cycle applying and these are some things I have learned. 

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