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Taking a leave of absence a couple months before graduation. How hard will it be to retain information?

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For personal reasons, I am considering taking a one year leave of absence a couple months before graduation. Does anybody have experience taking leave of absence during clinical year? If so, how hard was it to retain the information during that time so that you are able to transition back to clinicals and studying for exams?

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I had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons too, but during my didactic year. I was gone for a little over a year. I'm back now and its as if it were the first time going through. I did not retain any of the information. The faculty were really understanding of my situation ( which I'm SOO grateful for) but they said that I WILL have to start back up at the beginning of the semester I left. They also allowed me to "audit" ( basically sit in on : not graded ) the semesters I had completed. That was HUGE and I'm so lucky to have had that option given to me. You're mileage may vary.

I don't want to poke at your situation, but your only a couple months away. In a couple of months you're done! The end is in sight. You don't have to take the PANCE immediately but if you're so close to the end, why not just finish?  again I don't know your situation but understand that your SOOO close to the end. Keep in mind your loans also. I had to start paying back my loans after 6 months and I wasn't making great money. It sucked. You're also gonna have to pay twice for the same semester. Depending on your University, that may be a lot. 

I hope this helped. I wish you the best. PM me if you have any more questions.

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