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New Grad FM Job Offer

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Hello everyone!  Long time reader, few time poster.  I'm needing opinions/recommendations on my current job offer if anyone has any available time.  I enjoyed meeting the providers, staff, and facilities at this clinic.  Everyone was welcoming and so nice.

- Location: Rural HPSA clinic (high score) with HRSA loan repayment. Low cost of living area.  Current providers said that although they can't guarantee the HRSA loan repayment, it's extremely likely that I get it due to the clinics high HPSA score and past employees getting it.  Currently, no employees receive the loan repayment as they no longer have loans (must be nice).   The loan repayment is $50K for a 2 year agreement if I were to get it.

- Base salary $119,000

- Production bonus structure- $15 per patient over 15 patients per day.  PAs there said you set your schedule and the clinic accommodates.  Most PAs see about 20-30 ppd depending on what they want scheduled.  However, an older provider sees only 12 ppd and is happy with that.

 - Other bonus: If you complete 80% of your charts within 3 days after each patient visit and ensure everything is complete (when possible); you get a bonus of $500 each quarter.

- $10K per year in student loans payed for by clinic.

- Mon-Fri 8:30-4

- Providers and supervising doc said I would start of with about 5-6 ppd and move up as time allows.  He said at my own pace, but I think I will be able to move up rather quickly.

- Call is possible every 3rd weekend via phone, however, all the MD/DO/PAs at the clinic said its  rare to get called.  

- Malpractice covered under Federal tort

- Health insurance provided @ $55 a month along with dental and vision (forgot the $, but a low amount)

- 403b with 2% match.  Providers said they are currently working on this and will most likely increase to 5%

- 2 weeks vacation

- 6 sick days 

- 10 paid holidays if they fall on providers shift

- 2 personal days paid at your salary by clinic (1 on your birthday; 1 on your anniversary of start date)

- CME: 1 week with $1500

- Clinic will pay for my state license, DEA now and when they have to be renewed.

- Life insurance/long term disability


I might be forgetting a few things, but I appreciate any response.




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