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LOR requirements/question

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Hi everyone,

So I am needing one more LOR. I have one from a PA I shadowed and one from my nurse manager at the hospital I work at. I don’t have any professors I could ask, and was wondering if it would be okay to ask my previous employer from a non-medical job. She knows me very well and I know she would write me a great LOR. Since she is a non-medical professional, would it be okay for her to write me a LOR since I already have 2 letters from medical professionals?

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I think this really depends on what your job prior to working in medicine was. Was it a professional level job? Or was it working in retail/food service? If it was the later, I would avoid it. I think a better choice would be to reach out to professors who taught the classes in which you did well, or an academic adviser. If you participate in any volunteering, I would reach out  there.  Your letters of recommendation should reflect how you are motivated and suitable for the PA profession. I don't see how a supervisor in a retail/food service job could speak to that. 

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