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Name of university changed, CASPA asking for another transcript

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During High School I took AP exams and passed them, I sent the scores to the university I was to attend. At the time I sent the scores, the university had a different name. Once I was accepted and attended the university, its new name was established. Within my transcript the AP scores appeared as if I had attended the "old" university, considering my scores had been sent at that time. Even though I did not attend this university, CAPSA returned my application so that I would add this university as colleges attended, even though this university is the same as the one I had just listed.  I already contacted CASPA regarding this issue, they simply told me they would contact the verification team regarding this issue. Considering if the transcript was to be sent, it would be from the same university. They have not replied, and I have called CASPA to see if someone else can help and they tell me to wait for their e-mail response so that I can re-submit without my application being returned again.

Has this happened to anyone?? I am getting worried and want to submit my application in a timely manner. 



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Sometimes school name changes can throw the verification team off if they don't realize that two names are referring to the same institution. Notifying CASPA should be sufficient as name changes are usually easily verified by a Google search. If you notified CASPA, they should have made a note on your account; I would resubmit the application with no changes now that you let them know and see what happens.

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