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Choosing between Navy Reserves and ANG

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Hello all, I am currently finishing my last 4 months of PA school and am hoping to commission into either the Navy Reserves or Army NG.  I am 42, about to be 43 prior to commission, so I have talked to both and Navy would need to get a waiver (which I was told would not be a problem) and then a waiver to use my 19 years as a Paramedic to get in the Reserves (which I was also told would probably not be a problem) and the ANG said their max age without prior was 48 so I am good there.  Seeing as how on paper they both look similar with drilling schedules etc, I am curious between the two.  I can go ahead and start the ANG process now and swear in around Dec/Jan per recruiter and with Navy they are getting the needs for next fiscal year in the next 2 weeks then it is a wait game to see if the waivers go through.  While I would love to do Active for Navy for 3 years I can not with my wife wanting to attend PA school in 2021 and us having 3 young kids.  I just don't know the exact route to go and have researched trying to find out the differences and all.  Realistically I wish I could go ahead and start the process for both and then if both are approved decide then but I believe that would look bad.  I would love to hear everyone's opinions and help me which way I can best serve.  Thank you.

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