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Rosh EOR vs real EOR

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Our program is using PAEA exams for our EORs. I just took my first Rosh review EOR exam in Peds and got a 60%. Our program uses a standard deviation of -1.5 as passing. I am unsure of what this really means. If anyone has used Rosh review's EOR exams, can you please post how did you do on it compared to the actual EOR?

I hear that if you score in 60s you are likely to pass the PANCE, but to what exent is this valid for the EORs?

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Not sure about the statistics of it, but Rosh has really been helping me with my EORs. 

I have been getting in the 80%s on the Rosh exams (general surgery and ER so far), and have passed my EORs above the national mean (+1.5 and +2 S.D).  

I did 'cheat' on some questions while taking Rosh: if I knew I did not know the answer - I used it as a study opportunity to delve into the topic prior to guessing and using the brief tutorial about the answer. Therefore, my Rosh score was likely falsely elevated from what I knew going into it. I've also been using the PAEA topic lists to guide my studying and read about each topic in PPP before doing the Rosh exams. 

Good luck on your EOR! 😃


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