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In defense of the oral presentation...

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I truly hope that this message will not upset anyone as this is not the intention.  Fair to say that those of us who have been in EM for a significant amount of time have learned the things that must be discussed with the attending as you manage a patient (insert here whatever train wreck of your choosing).  As we all know, learning EM is a very steep learning curve at first you just dont know what you dont know - I know its a cliche but true nonetheless.  

In my experience, the new graduate -  a term in EM unknown a few years ago-- realizes that the oral presentation is key to the learning process and in making them a productive member of the practice-->$$$.  In contrast I have come across some seasoned PA's new  to EM that  times seem to be bothered and angered when asked to present a patient. Usually we hear, "well, in my last job as a hospitalist I did note have to present" or " I have been a PA for x amount or years and I shouldn't have to".  

Listen, I get it. As PA's we have carried a chip on our shoulders for decades. We have fought hard to gain the amount of autonomy we enjoy now.  However, in EM one must accept and even welcome the opportunity to present your patient. One presents when sign out. One presents when talking to consultants. One presents when the attending asks.  I have always tried to look at the oral presentation of my patients as an opportunity to polish my practice and learn.  There have been a number of times that during sign out my colleagues have suggested tests, therapies that I either wasn't aware of or just forgot. 

Again, I hope that this did not offend many of you.  

Comments and your thoughts are always welcomed.

In good health,


(p.s., this does not apply to EMEDPA who mans an ED solo.....but I bet he even presents 😉)


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1 hour ago, Devildog said:

(p.s., this does not apply to EMEDPA who mans an ED solo.....but I bet he even presents 😉)


I consult specialists and the hospitalist for transfers and admits. I present pts at sign out in the morning to whoever(doc or PA) is relieving me. If I don't know the answer to something I try to call the appropriate specialist for direction. There is always more to learn and no one knows everything.

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