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Hello, I am a senior in High School. I would like to go into a PA career. So I am doing research on schools. I have found something called an "accelerated PA program" which is basically a 5 year program to become a PA. I also found some colleges that have "Pre-PA Programs" So I was wondering if these are the same or if there is a difference between the two. I just want to figure out if there is a difference or not. If there is a difference please let me know.

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Universities that have "pre-PA" programs are likely just considering those to be advising services for those who want to pursue a career as a PA. This is similar to pre-med groups you may find at many universities for those wanting to go to medical school. It may be associated with a pre-med/pre-PA club.

Then there are direct entry PA programs. In these programs, you start your undergrad degree (sometimes an accelerated pre-professional degree) and may have a guaranteed interview or guaranteed spot for their associated graduate PA program, if you stay on track. 

In my experience I have not come across a PA program that is shorter than 24 months. Meaning, there aren't (as far as I know) any accelerated PA programs. But with these direct entry programs, they are accelerated in the way that the undergrad degree is shorter so total time is technically shortened.


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