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Should I attend a first year PA program?

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I've been lucky enough so far to be accepted to a couple schools. One is a brand new program that seems to have pretty qualified faculty are very nice. Obviously they will be very interested in helping the students because they want to have good PANCE rates and reach continued accreditation. It will be pretty cheap and I already live right by the school, close to my wife's families which will be good for her since I'll be so busy, and it starts in January rather than the fall so I could get going as soon as possible. 

The other program has been around longer, has 3 years of 100% first time pass rate on the PANCE, great new facilities, and the faculty also seems great. It's across the country so support system wise it would be a bit harder, but it's more of a guarantee as far as a quality education goes. 

How wary should I be of a first year program? It seems like the didactic year would probably be fine but should I be worried about quality of clinical rotations in a first year program? Any one else attended a first year program and have a good or bad experience?

Any thoughts would be extremely helpful! Thank you! 

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