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Weird Situation

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so mods please feel free to move if somewhere else is better...but:

So I changed jobs (FM to FM) approximately 7 months ago. I have strongly been considering a transition to orthopedics having worked in ortho in the past. My current employer (small hospital system) is in the process of recruiting another orthopedic surgeon and my plan was to possibly become that surgeon's PA upon his/her hire.

But, a HUGE curve ball has just been thrown. One of the PA's for a current surgeon has literally disappeared (approximately 5 days ago) without a word. No one knows where the PA is...and due to the PA's absence the PA has been terminated. From what I know, there is no current concern for foul play, but I don't know much about the situation and the whole thing is obviously weird.

With that said the orthopedics department is SCRAMBLING. I am considering making myself available to cover in the office to help out and possibly allow this to become an opportunity to make my transition to ortho sooner (plus I would love to work with the now "available surgeon").

My question is about how to go about this? The PA's disappearance is not widespread known knowledge, and I'm not exactly supposed to know. So I don't want to step on toes, but I also don't want to piss off my current FM manager.

Advice would be appreciated.

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1 hour ago, MediMike said:

Wander over there and say you're interested in a position, see what they say! 

I'd agree, plus there's a difference between "knowing something you're not supposed to know and causing trouble" and "knowing something you're not supposed to know and trying to help."

I'd be prepared to work a reduced schedule in both departments--meaning you're going to get run ragged--if your offer of help is accepted, with the idea that it's easier to fill a job for an FM PA than an ortho PA.  It could be an awesome opportunity, or it could fall flat, but I don't really see much of a downside to you asking.  I would encourage you to tell your existing FM SP first, because if s/he is going to lose you, in whole or in part, to a better paying department, then as much notice as possible is a good thing.  I'd also jump on this right away, because they may be trying to get a locums already--time is not on your side.

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I agree with everyone else. Your prior orthopedic experience makes you ideal and your knowledge of medicine is a real plus because you will be able to round with a better eye than a surgeon or another orthopedic PA. You possess knowledge in two specialties but you need to let them be aware that you are not a novice and asking about the prior PA is to your credit as you don't want to make this transition on a shaky bridge. they will appreciate it.

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Thank you all for your input...I guess I kind of worked this up in my head more than needed.  I sent an email this morning and plan to stop by the "specialty clinic" where outpatient ortho is stationed this afternoon after FM clinic.


The "good" aspect in terms of my current collaborating physician and clinic manager is that since I have only been here for 6-7 months my practice is not full.  Obviously it has been filling over time, but I'm no where near a full schedule.  So consolidating me to 2-3 days per week in FM, and potentially closing me out in the near future isn't a massive hassle.

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So I have not stopped by the clinic yet, but talked with my office manager to let her know what is going on.  She laughed and had actually already mentioned my name to help out - so that is AWESOME!

Plus, I learned the PA did not just disappear.  The PA was escorted off the hospital grounds.  No idea what occurred, but obviously different than random disappearance.

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Another UPDATE:

So there is even more to the story, that I'm not going to go into for privacy reasons for the PA who is no longer employed.

But, I have a meeting tomorrow with the CEO of the hospital to discuss a long term position they are actually looking into.  Basically an ortho sports medicine position that having FM background would be excellent for.  I would get surgical time to gain the skills and to be available to cross cover as needed - plus to become the PA for the next ortho surgeon they hire (currently recruiting now).

So, definitely glad I opened my mouth, seems to be working out well.  Now I just need to learn more about the hours, salary, bonus, etc.

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