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This is my first time filling out the CASPA application and I am having difficulty with inputting my transcripts. I have an official document of the school that I went to with all the classes I took. So far I've put all of that. Then I had to do some digging because I went to 4-5 other schools for pre-reqs (online, state school, schools from other state since I've moved). I did a study abroad where I took one course in the summer in Greece for Greek 1 and so is it important for me to find a way to request an official transcript just for that class? 

I tried going on the website but I guess I don't have any log in information anymore. Also, I've been using unofficial transcript information to input the courses. Is that okay?

Thank you so much.

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Study abroad is a entirely different animal. CASPA does not accept foreign transcripts. What you have to do depends on how your study abroad worked. You'll want to review all CASPA's SA rules here before deciding what to do:


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