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Make It Stick

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"Make It Stick" by Peter Brown

This book helped me out SOOOOOOOOO much when first starting didactic year. Like all those students whom have come before me or are currently in their didactic year, developing effective strategies is CRUCIAL. Sadly, I read this book at the beginning and only just started implementing an effective strategy that works for me. For all those that are about to start or looking to start PA school, I highly suggest getting this book or the audiobook from audible ( I went with the audio book) prior to starting. Refining your study habits is a big part of adjusting to PA school. The way most students studied in their Undergrad is not effective for recalling the plethora of knowledge you are expected to master in this program. The book basically goes over effective study habits and the science behind WHY they are effective. Since reading this book, I've taken 4 Major exams and have A'ced all of them with some of the techniques talked about in the book.

Anyways, I just wanted share something that was helpful to me. I hope it helps someone else. Best of luck to those about to start PA School and those that are currently in PA School



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