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Resources for SOAP notes examples?

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?  Just skip to the bottom and read the a/p.  It should read step by step.  If it’s a good one, it might put some thought process too

1. The patient never tells the same story twice, it varies.  No sense to read the history bologna unless you are looking for a detail.

2. Very rarely do you care about someone else’s exam.  Most of the time it’s crap anyways- “moves extremities well” actually makes you dumber by reading it.  As does r/r, no mrg.  Who tf cares?  Do your own exam, then you know it’s right.

some people actually put the a/p at the top of the note.  Messes with my head.

no sense practicing, because there are so many layouts for soap notes as there are ...whatever.  Learn to read fast, in general.

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