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Shadowing in Minnesota

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I live in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area and for me, it was pretty hard landing a shadowing opportunity. Many people said I could, but then they would never get back to me. Twin Cities Orthopedics has a shadowing/observing form where you can select which sites you could shadow at and say how many times/hours you would need. Initially I only put in locations in Burnsville, but I filled out the form again and shadowed in Blaine and Coon Rapids! They gave me several days to shadow in different settings and was a great experience. I am going to check in with a dermatology clinic in Edina to see if they offer shadowing. Please let me know where else in MN people have shadowed 🙂



scroll to the Job Shadow application

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I have shadowed at TRIA (kinda interesting program, you have to attend a "day in the Life"4 hour session with different healthcare providers to get shadowing, and you only get 4 hours, BUT i was able to get more by asking the director and the PA I had shadowed!)


I have also shadowed through park Nicollet-there's an email on their site to contact. It took a loooong time for both times I did it to get a PA response but I got to shadow in the ER and an orthopedic PA.


I have also had good luck through Northfield Hospital if that isn't too far for you! 

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I've shadowed an ortho-spine PA in surgery and clinic at Gillette Children's. They have a form on their website that you can fill out to request to shadow through their observer program. I also just arranged some shadowing in the ED at Regions Hospital through a friend of mine who works there. I tried to shadow at Northfield Hospital & Clinics but they aren't currently taking any observers, but it would definitely be worth looking into in the future!

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