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Tinnitus and working with peds patients

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So I've recently developed tinnitus, and I'm really concerned that I may no longer be able to work in any field with pediatric patients (UC, Family, etc).

When that febrile 4 month old comes in screaming their head off, it just seems like there is no earplug in the world that will block that 120db sound. And I can't exactly come in to work wearing giant aviation earmuffs to deal with Peds.

Anyone have to deal with this? A search of "pediatrics" and "tinnitus" oddly came up with no hits, neither here or on other forums. Odd.  Do I have to change specialties to one without peds?

Feeling pretty shaky about the future.


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I have severe tinnitus with hearing loss. I have 20% hearing left in my right ear and 60% left in my left ear. I use an amplified stethoscope to hear sounds better. I don't wear my hearing aids in clinic so the kids were more muffled. Lol. The tinnitus was not the problem so much its trying to determine where the murmur was heard when auscultating since the amplified stethoscope makes you hear it everywhere.

Having said that, I switched specialties to GI and I don't worry about it as much.

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