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2019-2020 application cycle

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1 hour ago, IlysaC said:

Hi! Congrats to everyone who has received an invitation to interview! I interview August 12th. Keeping everyone applying in my prayers! 

Congratulations!! And that's really nice of you, thank you:) Would you mind saying your stats? No worries if you don't want to disclose!

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20 hours ago, brittneon said:

Just got a call from Ms. Gill! She informed me that they are on summer break for the PA program, but that I will be receiving an offer later this week! I interviewed on Aug 9. SOOOOO excited!!!


17 hours ago, lmb14 said:

I just got an acceptance today as well! I'm so excited!! I interviewed August 12.



what was the interview process like?? 

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5 hours ago, kioconnor said:




what was the interview process like?? 

You go through five, 10 minute individual interviews all with different faculty members. I really liked it because you were able to interact and talk with a lot of different members of the program! The whole experience I thought was impressive. Very organized, time efficient and welcoming!  Hope this helps!

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Hey guys, I was debating on whether or not I should apply this late to Trevecca. At this point in the cycle, would I realistically have a shot at an interview? 

My stats:

Cum gpa: 3.67

Sci gpa: 3.63

GRE score combined: 302 ( do they place a lot of emphasis on gre?)

PCE: 1500 hours Scribe, 1150 hours Cell saver technician in the OR

Shadowing: 175 hours ( many of these hours are pa shadowing between surgery and clinic)

Volunteering: 10 hours ( my weakest area imo)


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On ‎8‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 4:26 PM, calbert4240 said:

I interviewed Aug 9th and still haven't heard anything at all. I am getting concerned. They said we would hear back regardless the decision. Has anyone else not heard back and if you were accepted, how were you notified?

I received a phone call last Monday letting me know I was accepted and that an offer would be coming later that week. I received the official acceptance e-mail on Friday. I know they were on their summer break - so that may be what is causing the delays.

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