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Hi all, 

Looking for some advice about possibly ending my employment contract early. 

I have been in my current position for about 3 months. I started immediately after graduation. I initially chose this job over a few others because I felt that I could learn a lot and it was also a much better commute than other options. After starting my SP gained a contract with a hospital and outpatient office about 1.5 hours from my home. None of the other providers wanted to make that commute so he designated me as the provider to be stationed at that hospital and office. It is not in my contract and it has really been taking a toll on me. When I asked him about it he stated that there were not enough patients at the other locations so unless I was willing to recruit patients somehow I needed to go to the distant hospital and office.

In addition to this I have had problems with my SP trying to use me as a scribe when he gets behind on notes. Initially when I did not have my licenses I understood but now it seems like he is taking advantage of me.

I unfortunately signed a 2 year contract but I am hoping that them trying to force me to go to a location that is not in my contract would count as a breech allowing me to leave without penalty. I have been interviewing for other positions and have found an amazing one much closer to home. 

Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Was there a sign-on bonus? If so, you'll likely need to have that on hand to pay back. If it were me, I'd first try by meeting with the SP to discuss the issue with the commute and see if you can leave amicably. If there's push back, consult legal guidance as to how enforceable the contract is given the change in offer with your grueling commute.

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Consult a lawyer.  Check the wording of your contract.  Loopholes work both ways - I'd be cautious about assuming just because it DIDN'T specifically list the distant location it doesn't mean there isn't some language that allows them to have you work at their discretion.

Definitely leave, don't get me wrong, just be prepared for whatever consequences there might be and make sure it's on the up and up.

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