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I have applied to PA school for 2 cycles, and I keep getting rejected (by a lot of schools this cycle as well),

My science gpa is 3.12, overall gpa is 3.36, I have 3500 hours of patient care hours as a medical assistant, pct, pharmacy technician and scribe, 150 hours of shadowing 5 PA's, My gre score is 304,  I have a really good personal statement (made all the PA's I shadowed read it and they said it was really good), I also have a lot of volunteering hours through a hospital and all the orgs I was in in college.

But I keep getting rejected, and I have already retaken a lot of Pre-req courses and taken more science courses (messed up in college)! Is there any advice anyone has about what to do? I would really appreciate it!

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Are you getting rejected pre or post interview?

If post: Focus on your interview skills and mock interviews

If pre: You might be applying to schools that value GPA over PCE. Research the schools you’re choosing as in-depth as possible. 

Even though you’ve had PAs review your PS it may be helpful to go through a professional service like my PA resource. Worked wonders for me even after people told me my current paper was great.

If you've retaken courses maybe you could take new additional science courses that will count towards your science GPA to help give a boost. 

Good of luck on your journey and hang in there! You got this!!!

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