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Community College Courses for Prereqs?

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Hello everyone!

I just recently graduated from UCI with a degree in the Social Sciences (Cumulative: GPA 3.37). I'm interested in going into the PA profession, but I need to fulfill all of the prerequisites required. I'm considering doing an informal postbacc at a CSU, but I would be much more interested in doing it at a local community college because of the costs.

Does anyone have any experience with taking ALL of the prerequisites at a community college? I've been researching around the forum and online, and have seen that some will take it and some will look down upon it.

Thank you for any and all advice possible!

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Hey! I graduated with a psych BA and went back and took all of my classes at community colleges. I started PA school this week 😊


I don't want to discourage you from taking classes at CCs, there are certainly schools that straight up DO NOT take CC science prereqs, and some that make exceptions. 


I had taken a few (general psych, stats) at my 4 year school, but I took:

Gen Bio 1& 2

Gen Chem 1&2

Anatomy and phys 1&2

Bio Chem

Organic Chem

Med Term


All at a community college.


 If I were you, and if it is an option, I would take the lower level courses at a CC, and the upper levels at a 4 year.


But it is doable! I remember reading posts like this, and lots of warning posts, and I did it anyway. It worked out. Just be ready to be flexible on where you're going to apply!


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