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outskirts of mid-sized town (my hometown). FQHC (not Indian reservation).  Multiple locations.

Can sign a 1 yr, 2yr, 3yr, or 5yr contract, but all have a 90-day out clause--So does it really matter?. If you sign the 5 year contract, you will earn a 4 week sabbatical on top of regular PTO.  

BASE salary: 90,000 which is calculated at seeing 13 pts/day. (if you see under 13, you still get 90,000)

Every pt seen after 13 /day is $38 /encounter. So if I see 18 Pts a day = additional $190 per day. This is all calculated into each paycheck. 

Schedule: M-F, 8-5, 4 clinic days, 1 administrative day (can work from home or office), 20 and 40 minute appointments. would work two different locations which are equal in distance from home. 

Malpractice: FTCA, w/ tail. Basically if someones sues me they are essentially suing the government. 

Health: Employee covered 100%, otherwise family is about 240 of month for premium with 4000 deductible. Employer contributes 100 per month to premium. Vision, dental covered. 

PTO: 19.5 days. 4 week sabbatical if sign the 5 year contract (but still has 90-day out clause)

Retirement: 401B: 6% matching. 

CME: $1500, 5 days. 

Sick time: 40 hours per year

Bonus: $2000 every year 

Licensing/DEA paid yearly. $500 professional membership allowance. 

No cost short term disability, no cost life insurance equal to one years salary. 

8 holidays off. 

There is loan repayment, but I wont need it (VA paid for PA school).

I think this is a pretty solid offer, and I really enjoyed talking with the CEO/med director and COO. They seem like good people, and even spoke with me for about an hour and a half over the phone going over everything. 

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Definitely don't sign a 5 yr contract.  You're right that the 90 day out won't keep you there for 5 years but it also takes away your power to renegotiate with shorter contract renewals.  

I have a hunch you'll have complicated patients and may not benefit from the 13+ patient surcharge as much as you'd like and may want to negotiate once you have the experience and a better feel for the workload.

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As far as the training, they basically have me continuing to be a PA student for 3 month while they wait on credentialing (since I can't actually work as a PA anyway). Essentially, I work one-on-one with a doc and help to see patients, order labs, imaging, and prescribe medications (on their computers likely), and present the cases to them. I will still have back up support  once this training period is over. 

I agree with the 5 year contract, I will likely just sign the 1 year.


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