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Hey guys,


Dilemma: I currently have a 2.93 sGPA (low, I know). 12 years ago, I was a dumb freshman who failed classes like environmental science, intro to chemistry, because I stopped attending and for some reason didn’t withdraw. This affected my sGPA so much! 


I started taking my preqs this year and so far I have:


Anatomy- A

Physiology- A 


Gen Chem 1- C 

Gen Chem 2- A 

Med Term- A 

Genetics- A


In the fall, I planned on taking pharmacology and another science course to bring me over the 3.0 mark. If you were in my shoes would you take pharmacology along with a human biology course (GPA booster) or would you take pharmacology and retake Gen Chem 1? 


I did well in Gen Chem 2 with a different professor so I’m not sure if schools would overlook the C. 



The schools I am applying to don’t require organic chemistry or biochemistry so I am not planning on taking them. 



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If you want a higher gpa, take the biology. If you want to look like you tried chemistry again and got a better grade, retake chemistry. That’s a hard choice! I honestly don’t know what I would do. Probably the biology, I have a couple Cs haha

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